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Feng Shui Home Design is based on enhancing specific areas of your home to improve aspects of your life that dissatisfy you.

In this segment, we'll particularly focus on placement of Feng Shui Furniture and Feng Shui cures to direct the flow of ch'i.

Placement of Furniture

Minimal furniture will allow breathing room for auspicious chi'i.  Where possible, arrange couches, beds, chairs and stove so that occupants have a good view of the entryway.  

If not possible, hang a mirror so that the entry is visible.

Proper Feng Shui Home Design ensures ch'i is not blocked, forced or distorted.

Correct placement of your bed is critical.  

Beds placed at the front of the door, so that your feet are towards it, is the worst possible or "Mortuary" position. (In China, coffins are placed in that position while awaiting collection.)

If there is a window on either side of your bed, a line of harmful ch'i crosses your bed and causes illness.

Never position your head next to a window or your personal energy will escape outside. The best bed position is diagonally opposite the door.

A Feng Shui Kitchen

The second crucial aspect of Feng Shui Home Design is proper placement of the stove.

The reason, since food is the prime source of nourishment and health for the family, it is important for the cook not to feel jumpy and spoil the dinner through lack of concentration.

The optimal position of the stove is where the cook does not have her back towards the entrance.

Of course, this is not always feasible. A reflective surface or shiny objects positioned behind the stove will enable the cook to see anyone entering the room.

A wind chime activated by the door opening serves the same purpose.

Eye level cupboards over the cooking area are oppressive; open shelves would be better.

The Dining Room

The Chinese consider the dining room a center of wealth. Often the table is mirrored to double the quantity of food.

Oval or rounded tables with high-backed solid chairs represent the supportive Tortoise, Tiger, Dragon formation.

However, regardless the occasion, a decorated table with beautifully presented nourishing food will signify support families give to each other.

A Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui furniture in the living room should invite conversation and relaxation.

For best Feng Shui Home Design, small splashes of color are good cures when the room is painted in a single color.  

A whimsical red lamp will bright up a dark corner. Healthy living plants attract healthy ch'i.  Patchwork floor pillows act as a living rainbow.

We've now tweaked the main rooms; let's look at a vital area that makes all the difference in the quality of ch'i your home attracts. 

The Foyer

The foyer is often treated like a Feng Shui orphan.

When you step inside your home, the foyer signifies a vital passageway for ch'i to come inside and meander about.

We know packrats among us are exhausted with our preaching about clutter. But preach we must. Thou shalt not clutter!

Your foyer makes the first impression to all who enter the door. It should be clear of clutter.

A stack of newspapers in the corner, shoes and coats piled haphazardly, a good first impression does not make.

Brighten your foyer with lights and mirrors. Hang coat hooks and place a small chest underneath for shoes, papers, etc.

A stately grandfather clock or huge mirror in an ornate frame will give your foyer the sense of importance it deserves.


Staircases facing the main door will cause ch'i to funnel upstairs, leaving the main floor devoid of auspicious energy.

Optimal Feng Shui Home Design dictates that you must block the view of stairs using a large plant, bookcase or other piece of furniture.

If this isn't doable, a round rug or crystal chandelier will gather ch'i in the foyer.

Inventory your home room by room and see if you can arrange Feng Shui Furniture differently to create spaces that will nourish you.

Be mindful, you are moving good energy about, so proceed slowly with your Feng Shui Home Design.

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