What is bagua?

A bagua is another way to enhance the ch'i of a room, a home or an office. It consists of nine categories, or life situations that represent your living quarters.

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It is associated with life situations such as: 1) Prosperity, 2) Fame and Reputation; 3) Relationships and Love; 4) Family; 5) Health; 6) Children and Creativity; 7) Skills and Knowledge; 8) Career; and 9) Helpful People & Travel.

See the map below.

Compass Directions

On the map, the life situations are associated with a color and an element, as well as eight Feng Shui Compass directions. The eight compass directions are:

-South (fire element); color is red

-Southwest (earth element); colors are pink/red/or white

-Southeast (wood element); color is purple

-West (metal element); colors are metallic/white/or gold

-Northwest(metal element); colors are silver or gray

-North (water element); colors are black or blue

-Northeast (earth element); color is blue

-East (wood element); colors are green or brown

The relationship between the compass directions, Feng Shui elements, and the Feng Shui colors are the core of the Feng Shui practice.

Once you understand how these three principles relate to the other, you will be able to interpret how they work together in your world to create good and bad luck, and how they can recharge your energy to help you live a fulfilling life.

Feng Shui Elements

It is also good to know how the elements are controlled. For instance, in Feng Shui there are two cycles, a Productive Cycle and a Destructive Cycle.

For example, in the Productive Cycle, fire produces earth which in turns produces metal and so forth.

The Destructive Cycle reflects decaying process that is ongoing in nature.

Therefore in this cycle, wood breaks up earth, which then absorbs water. It is important to know these two cycles as they will help you to use symbolic items relating to these elements to ensure you do not clash with the dominant, ruling element.

I know there is a lot of information to absorb here. To better help you understand how Feng Shui works, see the Productive Cycle and the Destructive Cycle below.

Before digesting the information above and putting it into practice, you will need to focus on what it is in your life, you want to change or improve.

Once you know what it is that needs changing or what it is in your life that you want to improve, the first thing you need to do is eliminate your clutter!!!!

Also, another good tip is to focus on two life situations opposite of one another. See the bagua below.

Place the bagua on the Feng Shui house plans of your home.

If you are wanting a new career, wanting a raise, and are wanting people to look up to you as a good candidate to fulfill a job and/or to receive a raise, then the fame and career sections of your home will be beneficial to you to spruce up first.

Once you have eliminated your clutter and enhanced the areas you really want to focus on in your life, you will begin to feel the good energy in your home.

This is a sign that Feng Shui is working for you!!

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